The Top 10 Bio-Tech Enhancements from a Sci-Fi Book or Series

The variety of biotech in science fiction novels is inspiring and mind-boggling. Some of it is even literally for mind-boggling! From super-soldiers, to brain implants, to hormone glands, to extracorporeal pregnancies, you nominated an eclectic assortment of biotech on this blog and on the Discover Sci-Fi Facebook group which you would most like to have or […]

What’s the Best Piece of Biotech from a Sci-Fi book?

There is some truly fantastic biotech in science fiction novels, some more likely than others, and some more useful. In this case, let’s define biotech as any biotechnology that has modified humans, or another species to soup them up to anything more than they were when they were born, for example, a fancy eyeball, extra […]