Over on the Facebook group, we were discussing how selecting the “greatest sci-fi writer of all time” is a bit silly in its over-selectivity, however, it does promote some excellent conversation and debate! And it is a fun way to pick each other’s brains on what makes some writers so good. To say nothing of getting more ideas for future authors to check out!

From over 100 total nominations and nearly 300 voters from this blog and the Facebook group, we have narrowed down the list of nominations to a top 10 list. Your heavy task this week is to take a look at the authors and choose just one. Don’t forget you can check out the full list of nominations from last week’s post to get even more ideas for your reading list!

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    1. Octavia definitely in the realm of speculative fiction. Too bad she’s not here anymore, if I’m not mistaken. Philip Jose Farmer I’ve not seen mentioned also, great stories.

  1. Jules Verne, The Father of SciFi.,
    atomic submarine, space travel, the greatest geological adventure of all time, all over one hundred fifty years ago.

    1. Absolutely agree..but Pierce Brown Red Rising series should have made the first list..Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman..Illuminae Files was epic!

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