Last week we started one of our most cut-throat debates EVER asking you to submit your votes for the top military sci-fi book/series of all time.

Hundreds of you voted on over 50 books/series that were submitted to the debate.

Want to see the full list you guys put up to the vote? Click here to check it out and see who didn’t make the cut.

*The results were decided by you based on votes tallied up between our Facebook group and on our blog.

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    1. DEFINITELY anything from the Honorverse! Pick any title from “On Basilisk Station” onwards. Each novel helps create a well designed, well-documented Civilization. Battle scenes are believable, character development is extremely well done. Better yet, NO alien species (except in the first book).

      1. I completely concur. The Honorverse is head and shoulders above the other military series. The inclusion of additional authors’ contributions has made it even better!

  1. Surely there is only one real contender, and its missing from this list… EE Doc Smiths “Classic Lensman Series”.
    yes, OK, the spoken language hasn’t aged too well, but for sheer depth of story and characters this has everything else best, including the politics and moral tale that is “Starship Trooper” (which is my second favourite)

  2. The forever war by Joe Halderman should have been in the top ten (a close second to Starship Troopers). Didn’t see the top fifty list to see if it placed there. Well worth the effort to find and read (re-read).

  3. Please consider the Arisen series by Steven Fuchs and Glynn James. Great story and tremendous action scenes.

  4. Although I voted for Starship troopers, I’m disappointed not to see David Weber/John Dingo Match to the Stars, Honor Harrington, etc. I also agree the Bolo series (Kieth Laumer?) should be included

  5. We missed the best one…not included was Hammerfall by Larry Purnell. No aliens, just man versus mankind and nature.

  6. I would be hard-pressed to choose between STARSHIP TROOPERS and DUNE if DUNE’s psychic powers and spice distorting space travel were not so obviously Fantasy, and not SF, despite the wonderful world-building.

  7. I, too, am somewhat surprised that the Bolo series and Hammer’s Slammers are missing. The Forever War is far superior to Starship Troopers, in my opinion.

  8. Needs moar:
    Haldeman (Forever War)
    Drake (Hammer’s Slammers)
    Weber (Honor Harrington)
    Wandrey Et Al (Four Horsemen)
    Laumer Et Al (BOLO)
    Weber & Ringo (Prince Roger)

  9. Ex force better series in general i think, but military has to be galaxy…
    I also agree with above if Arisen was on this list it would win hands down no contest, thats why i pick galaxy over exforce it has Arisen feel to it.

  10. You guys got it right. Craig’s series is the best. Some would say Dune, and no doubt it is the best sc-fi book, stand alone, ever written. But the rest of the series is almost unreadable. Din’t mess with the monkeys!

  11. Nothing by John Ringo, David Weber or Jerry Pournelle?
    The list of choices needs a “None of the Above” option.

  12. The Posleen War series by John Ringo (“The Legacy of the Aldenata”

    The Monster Hunter International serried by Larry Correia

  13. They left a few off the list.

    Legacy of the Aldenata Series- John Ringo

    Stark’s War Series- Jack Campbell

    Empire of Man Series- David Weber/ John Ringo

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